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28 Spring Dessert Recipes for a Delicious Season

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Fresh, vibrant, and most of all delicious! Enjoy the bright flavors of the season with these tasty spring dessert recipes.

These spring desserts are a mix of your favorite herbs, crisp rhubarb, and fresh strawberries to bring you the uplifting flavors you’ve been craving all winter.

If you’ve been indulging in heavy comfort food all winter, these refreshing dessert recipes will bring you back to life with their freshness.

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Spring Seasonal Foods

This is the time of the year when we move from thicker, warmer foods to things that are cooler and lighter. This is when the earth gives us tender greens and the first bits of fresh fruit that we should learn to love in abundance and while these are all delicious for healthy, savory foods, they can also be used in gorgeous spring desserts.

Remember that seasonal eating , even in spring, varies by region. Eat the foods when they are fresh and in season for you. Warmer climates will have them earlier in the year, cooler climates may not have them until closer to summer. Focus on fresh and local first and foremost.

Easy Spring Dessert Recipes

Find your new favorite spring desserts by experimenting with in-season produce to satisfy your sweet tooth with this creative list of light cakes, fruity cookies, and more feel-good treats.

Flower & Herb Recipes

You may not have thought to put flowers into your favorite dessert recipes but adding subtle tones of lilacs or mint can be a delicious mood booster! Enjoy these classic desserts with refreshing floral twists.

Rhubarb Recipes

No spring dessert list would be complete without a list of recipes to use up the ultimate spring seasonal fruit: rhubarb! More than just your classic crisp, these rhubarb recipes give some new, unique, and flavorful ideas on your favorite garden harvest.

Strawberry Recipes

There is nothing fresher and more uplifting than fresh strawberries as the sun peeks out. Make the most of those seasonal berries in the richest ways for classic desserts that celebrate spring with these ideas that go way beyond strawberry shortcake.

Vegetable Desserts

Want to sneak in an extra serving of vegetables to your day? Why not enjoy what you eat and whip up one of these new recipes for a unique dessert? They’re a tasty and colorful way to embrace the spring harvest while adding a bit of comfort to your diet.

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