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Spring Herbal Remedies

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Every season offers special and unique harvests for food and medicine. The tender bits of herbs, flowers, and buds from spring are no exception. As the winter season fades be sure to gather the following items and begin stocking your medicine cabinet with these spring herbal remedies. 

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Made in Spring, Useful All Year

The following remedies make the most of spring’s unique offerings. They are, however; useful to our bodies and homes for the entire year. Be sure to make enough to last the entire year and restock next year. 

Harvest Carefully & Wisely

Always practice sustainable and safe foraging! Be sure to harvest these weeds and flowers from places were foraging is allowed. Also choose unsprayed areas that are not right along well-traveled roads (no sense in getting oil or other auto chemicals in your herbal medicines). Never take all of the plants in a particular area – remember to leave some for wildlife. 

Keep it All Clean & Organized

Once the plant bits are harvested. Bring them home and clean them to remove dirt, bugs, and other debris before making medicine. Remember to label and date the finished products to keep them organized. 

Spring Herbal Remedy Recipes

Make the most of the spring season by making these herbal remedies now to use for the entire year ahead.

The great thing about these spring herbal remedies is that they are all easy. None of the above take very long time to make nor are they complicated in anyway. This, of course, means you can spend time in the garden or simply enjoying the spring season rather than slaving away in the kitchen. 

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Tuesday 21st of January 2020

thanks a bunch for all this info!


Sunday 31st of March 2019

Thank you for the recipes. I love learning all I can about herbals. Love your blog.


Tuesday 13th of March 2018

thank you for these recipes. I love anything herbal and have decided to have a herb a month club at my home which will make me do more research and really study herbs. Im sure these rec. can be useful. Im going to try to do whats in season like starting with dandelion thanks for all your work