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Fall Cookie Recipes

Bake up some amazing fall cookie recipes, with these homemade sweet treats full of fresh, seasonal ingredients.

The following recipes are a great way to share the harvest season with your family and loved ones, near and far, in unique and delicious fashion.

Everyone loves delicious cookies, after all, and this collection of fall cookies has something for everyone.

Pumpkin whoopie pies with a white filling on a white plate with text overlay reading: The Best Fall Cookie Recipes

Fall Flavor

Around here, we focus on seasonal ingredients first and foremost.

In fall, that includes things pumpkin, apples, cranberries, sweet potatoes, and nuts.

It also means we honor the natural rhythm of the earth and seek out needed warmth in the form of sweet and warming spices.

Those seasonal ingredients often combine deliciously with those spices especially in cookie form.

If you’re new to seasonal eating, starting with cookies made from fall produce is an easy and tasty way to dip your toes into the water while skipping all the overwhelm and finding success.

Baking in Fall

Use the cooler days of fall as a perfect excuse of a baking session – either alone or with loved ones.

Let the oven warm the house on cool mornings and snack on cookies throughout the day.

A stack of 3 cookies on a plate with a cup of coffee in the background.

A cookie baking session is a great excuse to get together with friends. Make it a party, let everyone choose a favorite a recipe and bake them together. At the end of the day, split all the cookies up evenly so everyone has a sampler.

Undoubtedly, you have your own favorite delicious fall cookie recipes, but use the slower pace of the fall season to try new things and experiment.

Use the experimenting as an excuse to fill the freezer with cookies to use for own needs or to mail later – save yourself time later on.

Serving Cookies

Cookies especially those using seasonal ingredients are a great way to enjoy the fall season.

Apple peanut butter cookies on a plate sitting on top of a red cloth. Fresh apples scattered on the table behind the plate.

Definitely use platters of colorful cookies as dessert for a special occasion. Trays of cookies at parties during the holiday season are always welcome.

Fall days are the perfect time to serve cookies with tasty warm drinks to warm the body and soul.

Mailing Cookies

Sending mail to folks is often seen as old-fashioned but can honestly be one of the most satisfying expressions of love and thought for both the sender and receiver especially in our modern, electronic times. Don’t overlook this simple but impactful expression of care.

Pumpkin oatmeal cookies on a plate with a glass of milk and a pumpkin in the background.

The great thing about sending cookie care packages full of seasonal ingredients is that it’s a great way to share your garden harvest or foraging adventures with folks who can’t normally eat it fresh with you. Think of it as a long distance harvest festival and celebration.

To mail cookies, choose a sturdy box and wrap cookies well in airtight bags. Tuck the bags into shredded newspaper or other packing material to prevent breakage. No one is going to be upset over broken homemade cookies but it always nice to have more arrive whole than not.

Homemade is heart-made! Check out 60 fresh ideas for gifts from the kitchen to honor every occasion. Sharing is caring!

Choose the faster shipping methods, not overnight necessarily, but priority methods so that cookies don’t arrive stale.

Obviously, postage can be a chunk of change and when the budget is tight, mailing a care package might be a bit of an extravagance. It isn’t something that needs to be done often or to everyone on your list. Choose special occasions like birthdays to mail some to chosen folks.

3 cookies on a plate with a napkin sitting next to it. A blue tin cup full of coffee and fresh apples in the background.

If the budget does allow, still keep the packages smaller and mail to more folks to spread the love around.

Freezing Cookies

Whenever it possible or doable make a double batch of cookies and freeze extras for eating later.

You can generally freeze cookies in a couple of different ways:

Make the dough ahead of time and freeze it for baking later. For drop cookies, simply drop the cookies onto cookies sheets. Freeze until solid, then store the dough balls in an airtight container. Pull some cookie dough out when you want to bake and bake frozen. You will need to add a few minutes of cooking time.

Alternatively, bake and cool the cookies completely. Place baked cookies in a bag and freeze. Thaw at room temperature prior to serving.

Use up frozen cookies within 6 months for optimum freshness.

The Best Fall Cookie Recipes

Bake homemade cookies from fresh fall seasonal ingredients that are sure to delight everyone!

Pumpkin Cookies

As Autumn rolls around, pumpkin is the thing everyone wants, it seems. While we can, of course, just buy a can of pumpkin puree at the grocery store, use this opportunity to try some local winter squash instead and use that puree for some incredible local and seasonal treats. Remember that in most cases you can substitute any cooked an pureed winter squash for 'pumpkin puree' in a recipe.

Spice Cookies

While we can obviously eat spice cookies any time of the year, it does seem that something about the cooler weather of Autumn spurs us to use it more often. And these cookies feature spice galore for comforting and warming flavor.

Nut Cookies

Most of us are spoiled by modern grocery stores in which we can buy nuts all year round. However, most often they are harvested in the fall, find local fresh varieties whenever possible. Also know, that in most cases one nut can easily substitute for another especially in cookies so feel free to use your favorites.

Apple Cookies

Find local apples whenever possible, go to the Farmer's market or you-pick farm and experiment with different types. They'll be fresh and no doubt you'll be able to find tart or sweet varieties for eating and baking.

Cranberry Cookies

Tart cranberries tend to only be available in the late fall and they too have a multitude of cookie options. Freeze some cranberries to have on hand for baking up these cookies later in the year when cranberries aren't so easy to find.

Sweet Potato Cookies

These jewel toned tubers are fresh in fall and provide a switch from the standard winter squash in baked goods.

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