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Homegrown Herbal Gifts to Make & Give

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Homemade and homegrown gifts are my favorites. They’re my favorite to give and to receive honestly. The end of summer, the beginning of fall is a great time to begin some easy work on amazing homegrown herbal gifts to give later.

Be ready for the holidays by creating some homegrown herbal gifts to give with these mostly super simple and completely amazing projects.

Most of these projects are fairly easy and hands-off but require some infusing or curing time. Starting now means easier and faster gift basket and care package filling later. Set aside a small shelf or drawer as a designated gift space and you’ll be set for birthdays, holidays, thank you gifts, and more for months to come. 

Homegrown herbal gifts shouldn’t be as some cheap homemade gift or as some kind of some profound statement against overspending or mass production. While there is no doubt that homemade gifts can be both, they should be more of an exercise in deep love and sharing of the herbs and home you cultivate. Homegrown gifts are a way to share the home with loved ones near and far while also giving them useful things they need in their own homes and lives. 

Herbal Bathing

There’s nothing quite like a warm bath full of herbal goodness to make someone feel relaxed and pampered.

Put dried herbs into muslin bags for bath teas that relax and rejuvenate.

Combine herbs with oil, salt, and sugar for a scrub that exfoliates and moisturizes.

Lavender cleansing grains clean the face gently and offer some aromatherapy too.

Homemade soap is slightly more labor intensive but when you can combine herbs and veggies from the garden in a bar, it is a truly special gift.

Give a little fizz in the form of herbal bath bombs.

Herbal Skin Care

Provide a nourishing and soothing gift of herbs for the skin that can skip harsh chemicals and perfumes that many are sensitive too.

Soothe dry and inflamed skin with calendula cocoa butter balm

Make herbal baby powder to soothe, cool, and dry the skin

Treat aging skin to herbal care in a luxurious cream

Keep baby and everyone else natural with herbal baby oil

Help teenagers fight acne naturally.

Soothe and nourish overworked hands and feet with the power of beeswax and natural ingredients in this DIY calendula cocoa butter balm.

Herbal Health

Give loved ones the gift of good health and natural remedies with these homegrown herbal gifts:

Make a stress relief syrup to help everyone stay calm.

Homemade cough drops are a great way to express care

Elderberry syrup is tasty and boosts the immune system

Use peppermint and pine for a headache-relieving salve

Give drawing salve to help with splinters and more

Provide restful sleep with herbal dream pillows

Herbal Food

Naturally, these tasty plants give us ample culinary applications for great gift giving.

Infuse herbs in vodka for a tasty adult drink

Mix dried herbs with salt for unique blends

Pound dried herbs with sugar for the bakers

Make an herbal extract for cookies and cakes

Put dried herbs in pretty containers for cooks to stock their spice racks 

Be ready for the holidays by creating some homegrown herbal gifts to give with these mostly super simple and completely amazing projects.

Packaging Homegrown Herbal Gifts

Use pretty bottles and jars for local friends. Fill baskets and boxes with an array of items. For packages being mailed, use plastic bags for solids and wrap liquids contained in bottles in plastic bags just in case.

What’s your favorite way to give homegrown herbal gifts?

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