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10 Tips to Enjoy Winter

Every season has their own joys and challenges. Winters can be long, cold, and dark. The inherent nature of winter can make it difficult for us humans to endure happily. Learn to make the most of this season with the 10 tips to enjoy winter:

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1. Drink Something Hot

Find comfort in a mug of something warm. This is the season to enjoy any and all the homegrown herbs dried over the summer and fall. Keep it simple, or make it fancy. A nice balance of both is a great way to enjoy winter. Herbal tea most days, a fancy coffee drink now and then, hot chocolate for dessert on Sunday. Throw in a hot toddy now and then.

Blue tin cup full of hot chocolate on a placemat.

Keep it healthy most of the time but allow for indulgences too. These hot drinks have a way of soothing our souls and warming our bodies on cold, dark nights.

2. Snuggle Up

Winter is usually cooler if not downright cold, depending on location in the world. These cooler temperatures require warmer clothes and blankets. Snuggle up under a favorite blanket. Read books, watch TV, play games surrounded by the simple comfort of a blanket. It seems too simple but there is something so cozy about a pile of blankets for everyone to choose from while practicing hobbies or doing nothing.

3. Read

Some people read avidly no matter the season, some us don’t pick up a book during gardening season. No matter which camp you fall into, winter is a great season to read. Hit the library or bookstore and stock up.

Pick up books about winter. Read for fun and read to learn something new. A good balance of both is great. A book specifically winter about or for winter is a great idea.

Snuggle up under that blanket, with a cup of something warm, and get lost in the pages of a book.

Make the most of this season with these 10 tips to enjoy winter by keeping it simple and in harmony with modern lifestyles.

4. Get Outside

To live seasonally, the seasons have to be experienced in the natural world.  Getting outside in winter has special considerations but it can and should be done.

Get outside for a walk, go skiing, ice skate on the pond, simply get outside of the house. Enjoy the sun, absorb some Vitamin D, and take notice of what’s happening in the natural world. Bundle up, put on several layers, wear a hat and gloves, if necessary but get outside as often as possible. This is simply the best way to make seasonal living a routine practice because when we’re outside we’re able to get a better sense of the season in our individual locations.

Practice common sense, of course, don’t go out in a blizzard or in dangerously cold temperatures. But many of us can be quite comfortable in several layers with temperatures in the 20 degree Fahrenheit range.

Make the most of this season with these 10 tips to enjoy winter by keeping it simple and in harmony with modern lifestyles.

5. Be Creative

For many of our ancestors, winter was the time spent on hobbies and creative pursuits. Clothing was made, spoons whittled, rugs woven, etc. These creative pursuits helped pass time, allowed them to engage in pleasurable hobbies, and in many cases helped them earn money. Items were made in the winter and taken to town in the spring for selling or traded with neighbors.

These are all things we can continue to practice in our modern times. Use the long nights to practice something creative. Use the finished items for the home, save them for gift items, sell or trade when possible, or donate to charity.

6. Eat Seasonal Foods

Eat the foods of the winter season or those preserved from the previous seasons. This is the season to eat that homegrown and home canned applesauce, indulge in those foraged and frozen berries, and eat soups full of homegrown and dehydrated greens. Seasonal, whole foods are perfectly designed to help us get through each season.

Table set for two with bowls on place mats.

Learn a new way to cook those winter squashes, try a new soup recipe, sample something new but eat well and enjoy. We have a tendency to seek comfort foods in the winter. Eat the cinnamon rolls occasionally and feel good about it, just keep it balanced with healthy foods too. Healthy food can also be comforting, find those recipes and indulge.

7. Connect to Loved Ones

Use this time, often spent indoors to connect with loved ones. Connect in a real person-to-person way not through email or text messages. Invite friends and neighbors over for a soup swap, host a pizza night, or go for a ski together. It’s easy to let time pass without connecting in a meaningful way but these connections are important.

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Send actual handwritten letters and care packages to friends and family far away. Make it a point to share your enjoyment of the season with others.

8. Practice a Random Act of Kindness

This winter season can be very hard on members of our communities. It’s cold which presents a ton of hardships all by itself. While the sunlight is returning our days are still plenty dark and that is emotionally tough on many people. The people we come in contact with might be struggling in ways that we cannot comprehend.

Sharing moments of kindness helps them and us – this is a good thing to do in any season but can be especially welcome in the frigid temperatures. Be kind, give hats or blankets to charities to keep less fortunate people warm. Buy a cup of coffee for the person in line behind you, let the car merge, pay a compliment to a stranger.

9. Light Candles

Winter does mean that the sun is returning. Each day is getting a little longer now. However, the days are still mostly dark, especially for the more northern folks. Combat the darkness by throwing out light in the form of candles.

Eat a meal by candlelight, turn off the electric lights for a bit and bask in the golden glow of a lit candle. Make your own if you want to incorporate a little useful crafting into your winter enjoyment or buy them but light some now and then and use it as an excuse for a gathering where no technology is permitted and conversation is prized.

10. Rest

Take that afternoon nap. Heed the call to go to bed early. Allow the body and brain to rest in this season of cold and dark days. It is part of our how our ancestors survived without electric lights and modern conveniences. They slept more in the winter. It’s okay and right even to feel tired at an hour that might still be filled with energy in the summer.

Make the most of this season with these 10 tips to enjoy winter by keeping it simple and in harmony with modern lifestyles.

Embrace the uniqueness of this time of year and celebrate it at home. Make these 10 tips personal by switching and changing them to fit personal priorities and needs. Most importantly, enjoy winter by keeping it simple.

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Sunday 15th of January 2023

I enjoy reading your blogs - I always feel more relaxed just reading them! Thank you for your ideas and reminders. Our 10 yr old granddaughter, with Grampa, made your log candlesticks. They went out in the snow and found the pine logs, cut them and drilled them. She was so excited and proud, and wanted to make them as Christmas gifts. She kept adding more family to give them to. They made 15! (5 sets of 3). Oh, and one more of Aspen for herself. We love them, along with the treasured time they had together. She and I also sewed a few fabric bookmarks as gifts. She is really enjoying learning to sew. Your creative crafts and homespun living are perfect-not complicated or time consuming, so good to do with grandkids when they are with us. We enjoy much of what you shared, but love the new ideas and reminders! Thank you for your sharing your many helpful ways of slowing down and enjoying where we are at, the season, the season of life, and being present😁

Cynthia Tharp

Sunday 3rd of January 2021

Thank you for posting this! I think winter gets a bad rap. Getting out in it seems to acclimate your body to it, too. I never seem to get as cold as I used to since I started making a habit of going outside in the winter. Also, I feel sure I’m hardier in general and not as inclined to pick up every little bug that goes around.


Saturday 18th of January 2020

I loved this post. I just heard about hygge for the first time this year and it’s given me some much-needed perspective (especially since our first snow is supposed to fall today). Thanks for all the creative ways to bring it to life. I shared a link to it today on my blog to spread the hygge love.

Charlotte Shifflett

Friday 20th of December 2019

I reaally enjoyed reading all of these comments. Thank. you.

sana farooq

Monday 11th of November 2019

Love it