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Fall Recipes for Seasonal Meal Planning

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These easy fall recipes will make your seasonal meal planning a snap. Fill your table and your tummy with simple, healthy, and frugal fall meals featuring all of your favorite Autumn foods.

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Meal Planning Ideas for Fall

As always, keep it as simple or involved as your schedule and inclination allow. No need for fancy or complicated meals ever if it’s not your thing. Even if you like to cook, sometimes those more involved recipes are best left for weekends or days off.

Do create an actual meal plan and make sure that it features fall seasonal foods. Write it down on paper or chalkboard.

It’s so much easier to have a plan of food to make and change your mind if inspiration strikes, rather than have no idea and succumb to fast food or take out so much that it hurts the budget.

Unless you have a super strong aversion to leftovers, plan for them. Many soups are better the second day. Winter squashes tend to be large and can be used in multiple fall dishes.

A variety of winter squashes in a basket.

Don’t be afraid of simple or repeating meal themes.

Oatmeal with fresh fruit for breakfast can work most days or scrambled eggs with toast.

Lunches can be simple salads with hearty greens or filling soups.

Dinners of hearty casseroles or simply cooked protein and vegetables get us to the table quickly while providing healthy nutrition.

Snacks, Desserts, & Extras

Snacks might not be a formal part of the meal plan but they are important parts of our pantries and lives. Keep favorites on hand and use them as necessary.

Desserts are a part of an overall healthy lifestyle. Eat them sparingly but do include them now and then in the meal plan.

Blue tin cup full of hot chocolate on a placemat.

Be ready with warm drink supplies. Have mulling spices in the pantry for cider or wine. Keep all the herbs stocked for tea drinking. Maintain a small supply of chocolate and cocoa for rich and indulgent treats.

Cooking Methods

Fall is the time for low and slow cooking. If time doesn’t allow for that use the slow cooker.

Do cook the soup on the stove for hours. Bake a fresh loaf of bread from scratch on a weekend to go with the soup.

A loaf of bread in a napkin lined basket.

Cook the roast or chicken for hours in the oven while hanging out a home with a good book or doing something with the family.

Fall Recipes for Every Meal

Use these easy fall recipes as a point of inspiration for your Autumn meal plan and have seasonal food for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.

Breakfast Recipes

Use these recipes to start the day off on the right foot and highlight frugal, wholesome ingredients at the same time.


Keep your body going and brain functioning well with lunches full of natural, whole foods.


Wrap up the day with a filling and delicious meal that will bring everyone eagerly to the table.


Even the sweet treats can be loaded with Fall seasonal produce with these tasty ideas.

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